The FTRC logo is an emblem that represents vital aspects of the FTRC operations. The main figure of two women in the center of its logo represents the brains of the review center - its founders: Dr. Kathleen Falculan-Hijosa and Dr. Theresa Falculan-Misola. The logo has figures which resemble pieces of a puzzle which is a symbol depicting FTRC's purpose. It is committed to shape its clients to become holistically prepared in their LET review pursuit. Like puzzles, FTRC's core values are joined together to become a representation of what FTRC truly stands for.
FTRC Vision
A premiere review center recognized for comprehensively shaping education graduates into becoming successful License Professional Teachers (LPTs) in the Philippines.
FTRC MIssion
FTRC provides a holistic non-traditional review experience through innovative and quality instruction, and dynamic learning approaches delivered by topnotch lecturers using update review materials.
FTRC Core Values

FTRC operates with these core values at its foreground:


FTRC is committed to provide an excellent review experience to its reviewees to holistically prepare them from enrollment to examination manifested in its quality review content, topnotch instruction, and hands-on and dynamic learning approach.


FTRC has a strong sense of determination and resilience in realizing its mission and attaining its vision.

Sense of Family

FTRC considers its students not only as clients but also as a member of its family. Hence, every success is shared with the entire FTRC family.


FTRC instills focus and commitment among FTRC reviewees to ensure the achievement of their goals of becoming Licensed Professional Teachers (LPTs).


FTRC ensures that students remember their FTRC review experience not only as excellence but also worthhwhile as they learn while having fun.

Our Track Record

Established in 2016 and with only 9 branches, we proudly present our milstones.